Month: novembre, 2008

Thanksgiving Gap Week

Dear you all,

I, currently a 404 Brock Street really fortunate inhabitant, found myself and my beloved housemates truly abandoned, neglected, mutilated after returning from the usual and noble Friday kitchen duty: an empty property, a battlefield without warhorses, a nursery school without any dinosaur figurines… a sad sick home!

Consequently, Alvin, Ada and I, your devoted servant, suggest that if you have no plan for tonight (Friday night), you can come to 404 and vegetate in our open and dusty living room. Don’t get my awkward words wrongly: we are as tired as Aberdeen’s road and sidewalks must have been after the Homecoming party, so we’re just gonna hang out, complain about turkeys and lobsters, sing and cry, but if you feel bored or lonesome, feel free to come (with your cure for boredom and solitude = drinks). Basically, we’ll be there (and Shanil too!)!

9 pm and not before, cause we’ll be sleeping and the bell will be openly ignored.

(and happy thanksgiving to our other favorite housemates who went home this weekend and who’re gonna miss this secret and pernicious meeting they didn’t even know a word about)